Day 324- July 11, 2010

There’s a Starman

Waiting in the skies

He’d like to come and meet us,

But he thinks he’d blow our minds

I kinda really like stars. Not enough to know anything about them, but they look pretty cool and when you stare at them for ages, it sort of blows your mind thinking about how much… stuff is out there. It never really interested me when I did some astronomy as part of Year 10 science (which might have been partly due to the fact that nobody understood anything amidst the excited astronomical rants of our teacher), but I really do like just looking at stars.

Especially up here. Where I live, it’s almost impossible to see any but the brightest stars because of the light pollution from the city (mainly the MCG, probably), whereas here in Umina (about 75km from Sydney), visibility’s a LOT better (pictured). I’d never taken photos of stars before and I didn’t have a tripod or a remote shutter release, so I experimented with exposure settings and set the camera pointing upwards on a timer so that I wouldn’t bump it when pushing the shutter release. It was good fun. Should try it again when I stock up on equipment.

After breakfast and some more watching of Bones, Sarah and I went for coffee and cake (how predictable). Then, when we came home, we watched Bones again! Well, after playing some wallball. Or something like that. In the fashion of Snakes on a Plane, it means exactly what you think it should mean. After dinner, we cleared up the dishes and Peter kept hitting me with a tea towel and setting me on fire with his magical powers. Oh, those two year olds!


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