Day 325- July 12, 2010

Woke up with a start. Best way to wake up. Certainly the most exciting.

Since Sarah was sleeping on a futon in her sister’s room and her sister had two friends staying over, I slept on the couch in the living room so that Sarah could sleep in her bed. Convoluted? I guess that’s what happens when you have a house with so many people in it and so many often staying here. So in the morning, when Sarah’s mum was looking under the couch on which I was sleeping for some shoes, I woke with a start (and possibly a “BLARGH!”) and probably gave her a bit of a fright. Heh. Why not wake up with a dramatic effect?

We went down to Sydney, or more precisely, to Strathfield, in its inner west, to go to church. By church, I mean running after Sarah’s two year old brother to make sure that he didn’t get into too much trouble and so that he could inform me as to the colours of leaves and how he was dealing with imaginary pirates. After the church service had finished, we all got free food, which is generally a plus. Food and cake and wine. Once again, om nom nom. It was also good to see people again.

Having eaten our fill, we hopped on the train again to Circular Quay in the city, where I got some coffee and we sat in the Botannical Gardens overlooking the harbour before going to the cinemas. We saw Farewell, a French movie set in late Cold War era Moscow and loosely based on a KGB spy who was passing information to the French. We both thought it was pretty good, although I nodded off at some point during the movie and became a bit confused. Soundtrack was particularly good.

Coming out of the cinema, I took some photos of Circular Quay in the fading light (pictured) and we had some rather interesting flavours of icecream. Wanting to try some new flavours, I had some black sesame icecream, which tasted quite good for something that looked like frozen dishwater, and a lychee and coconut cream one. Sarah had some apple pie icecream which was also good. After sitting by the harbour for a bit, we took the train back and came home, getting dinner at McDonalds along the way. And now for more Bones.


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