Day 326- July 13, 2010

Photos, photos and more photos. For once this didn’t involve me tinkering on Lightroom for a myriad of hours, but looking through some actual photographs with Sarah. Yes, that’s right, ACTUAL photographs. On paper. I really don’t have too many of those; it’s far too easy to just take digital images and leave them on the computer. But these are bona fide physical photographs. How exciting. Perhaps I should get some more printed, as it’s quite nice to have them there to hold and flip through, much like there’s something about a physical CD bought from a shop that you can’t really get from a downloaded file.

I digress. Back to the photos. There were a few boxes, must have been a few thousand in total. There were some nice family shots, some that got a laugh (like Anna at eight years old doing a dance in a bird costume) and some others that were a bit embarrassing (everybody wants to pretend that 90s fashion never happened, but it did). All in all, it took several hours, but it was good for a laugh. Even if we did have to skip through dozens of duplicates and ones of people I didn’t know.

Feeling like coffee, we stopped off at 304, but felt like visiting Anna at work in her bookshop, so we had them to go. We walked around and flipped through books and I even bought one to prove that I’m not a complete waste of shopkeeper time. (There’s nothing wrong with window shoppers, is there?). Once she closed up the shop, we went down the street for icecream and went shopping for some snacks and beer for the evening’s Bones-watching session.

While at work, Anna received an interesting phonecall. The husband of a regular customer rang from Antarctica (where he was evidently stationed, for some reason), asking for a book voucher to be delivered to his wife for her birthday. As their house was on the top (or thereabouts) of a quite high mountain, we drove Anna up what seemed like at least a 1:5 slope to deliver it. Well, we did it twice, as the woman wasn’t home the first time. What a bizarre errand.

Dinner, Doritos, salsa, pickles, cheese, Bones, beer. Excellent night.


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