Day 327- July 14, 2010

Photo’s a bit small, isn’t it? It’s really hard to fit panoramic shots into the blog because the images have a set width and that means the height of the picture is really small. So click on it; I’ve linked it to the larger image on Flickr. Although I took a few photos today (much fewer than my usual dozens or so), I picked this one because, for me, it really got that feeling of sitting there in Circular Quay in the golden afternoon sun and savouring the last moments of my holiday before I had to go home.

I also feel it looks a bit less touristy when part of the scene is taken as a panorama. I struggle a bit with taking photos of such iconic landmarks, especially considering the place is teeming with literally hundreds of tourists all having their photographs taken in front of the Bridge or the Opera House. To me, the scene looks better and less boring when the icons aren’t the centre of the picture. Also, the Opera House is pretty ugly, so I didn’t want too much of it in the picture!

And so Sarah and I sat there, by the water, drinking one last glass of wine together before we had to board the train that would take me away from that beautiful afternoon sun and to the airport- that surreal, barren place. Eugh. The constant PA announcements, the security checks, that feeling of limbo. Airports certainly creep me out. So it was a double eugh when I received a call shortly after arriving home telling me that I had dropped my wallet in the arrivals terminal. Back to the airport. Again. At least I was luckier than the sorry lot that milled around the mostly-deserted terminal, waiting for their flight, which was meant to arrive over four hours earlier.

The day started with a breakfast of Smarties and raspberries (I need some nutrition), which was bought from Coles (because to cook like a Masterchef, you have to shop like a Masterchef). We ate on the station platform, before getting on a rather full train towards Sydney. We eventually got to sit down and enjoyed listening into a conversation between a three year old on his way to Disney On Ice and a rather talkative stranger (who, as we learned, was called Spider by his friends as a kid and paralysed his arm in a waterskiing accident). I love random conversations on the train.

Once at Sydney, we stowed my bags away at the Museum of Contemporary Art (as always) and went for pancakes before having a walk along the Harbour to Opera Bar. A nice day and a nice end to a holiday. It would have been even nicer if it didn’t have to end, but I think that’s asking a bit much.


2 responses to “Day 327- July 14, 2010

  1. I agree with you about airports. They all look the same…

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