Day 328- July 15, 2010

Bought some new P plates today. I went onto the second stage of my probationary driver’s license over a week ago, but I’d only just come home yesterday, so I went out to the petrol station to get them. It’s very exciting because now people can harass me into giving them lifts and towing things. I love towing things!

While out, I saw a car accident and, having gingerly navigated around some broken bits of metal and glass to park my car, got out to see if I could help. Luckily, it seemed that nobody was seriously injured, even though the cars were pretty banged up. I did manage to untangle an old man from a wire fence (he got stuck climbing over it to check that one of the drivers was alright), so my stop was not entirely in vain.

After an afternoon of unpacking and washing all my clothes (although I still do have bags and chargers and all sorts of things all over my room), we went out for Maxim’s birthday to a place in North Fitzroy called Jorg (pictured). It was the kind of place where you get dishes to share and although they all looked quite small, I was pretty full at the end. Obviously not full enough to refuse cake though, because we had some of that when we came home. Two types, actually. Plus macarons. They’re different to macaroons.


One response to “Day 328- July 15, 2010

  1. Macarons!
    I love wikipedia… so much information on strange and random things

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