Day 329- July 16, 2010

You know you’ve had a boring day when the most exciting part was when you moved the bed out a bit to get at all the dust that had accumulated in that very hard-to-vacuum spot. It was very epic though, what with moving the bed out bit by bit (it’s heavy!) and that sense of satisfaction as huge chunks of dust get obliterated. I mean, vacuuming done regularly is a less-than-satisfying experience, what with a generally minimal amount of vacuumable material. It’s not like the advertisements for super powerful space age vacuums that they show on daytime television in which said industrial masterpieces are used to suck up vast quantities of strategically spilled sawdust. In fact, a lot of the time you’re asking yourself: “Why am I even doing this? There’s no before/after as seen on TV!”. And that’s why it was so satisfying to clean up all that dust accumulated behind my bed. And that is how boring my day was.

Even food was boring. Normally, my uneventful days at home are brightened up with the wanton consumption of chips, chocolate, cereal, cake and the such. However, being dismayed with recent weight gain (I guess that’s not unexpected since on Wednesday I had Smarties for breakfast, chocolate pancakes for lunch and the majority of a McDonalds Family Dinner Box for dinner), I have taken Lena’s advice and gone on this French diet that she’s been on recently. Dr Pierre or something. Anyway, I am trying it for a week and am thus not permitted carbs (except oats for some reason) or fruit. I love carbs, so this is quite terrible. I made do with an approximation of porridge for breakfast (no milk, flavoured only with lemon and honey) and salad with tuna (tuna salad?) for lunch. Another forbidden food is couscous, which is also terrible, because I love bringing it to work as instant food. Instead, it’s tuna salad again (pictured). I should probably buy some mints.


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