Day 330- July 17, 2010

Off to work again. The school has been renovated, which means I now have a classroom instead of the staffroom and a good view of the M2. Although, by classroom, I really do mean a kind of open area, demarcated by little else than a printed A4 page saying “Room D7” (what does the D stand for?).  At least my “classroom” has new brightly coloured funky space-age chairs. All the other staff are jealous. And so begins another term. At least the textbooks look a bit more interesting this time.

Then home, via some horrendous traffic jam that I managed to bypass using my knowledge of Ivanhoe (win). I had been considering going out, but decided against it, but then decided for it. So I took the train out to Ivanhoe, where Andrew picked me up. We drove to Pricop’s, as it was his birthday and he was going out for drinks. However, we changed our minds again and once the party left Pricop’s house for the station, we made our goodbyes and went to Andrew’s where we played Guitar Hero and I drank tea and was corralled into helping his sister with some homework.

No photos were taken at any point. Hence, when I arrived back home (being picked up by Dad who was dropping off Maxim’s friends in Frankston), I took a photo of the game of Balderdash which they had been playing. They had come over for a loosely birthday-related gathering (attentive readers will remember that it was Maxim’s birthday on Thursday) and I didn’t really feel like taking photos of them. You know, what with a general societal disapproval of dodgy-looking men with unkempt facial hair taking photographs of underage people. Luckily, no such stigma exists with regard to board games. Hooray!


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