Day 333- July 20, 2010

So, so much coffee. Being the coffee drinker and blogger that I am (especially considering this blog is finishing in a month and I’ll need something to write), I decided some time ago to start a blog about cafes in Melbourne. I mean, it gives me an excuse to drink coffee, right? I also decided to kick off the blog (or rather, to start “preliminary research” for said blog, given that I won’t be writing it just yet) with a cafe crawl. I like to say it’s like a pub crawl, but cheaper (most of the time) and you can drive home (well, I actually took the train). Of course, the only person I know mad enough to come with me on an epic caffeinated adventure and ingest a potentially fatal dose of caffeine was Josiah. Luckily, he obliged.

We began our journey at Journal Cafe (cafe #1), which adjoins the City Library and went on to (via a stop at a post office to get some passport photos for a Working With Children check, which I ended up getting for free because there was a “shadow behind my head”) Switch Board (pictured- cafe #2), a literal hole in the wall in the beautiful Manchester Unity Building. At this point, I decided that I could not drink the amount of milk contained in ten cappuccinos, and so switched to drinking short blacks. The next cafe on my list (Kansas) was nowhere to be found, but we stumbled across another cafe (about which I had previously read, but had forgotten its name) called Pushka (cafe #3), located in Presgrave Place, an alleyway covered in interesting art.

Onwards and onwards and onwards we went (to paraphrase Nick Cave), and finding Brother Baba Buda quite full (like, people-queuing-for-coffee-type full), we instead visited Settebello (cafe #4) in Hardware Lane, where I, being a-hungered, enjoyed a tasty pumpkin soup. Our next stop, Dancing Goat (cafe #5), was a bit of a walk, but an interesting one as King Street is much further west in the city than I normally travel (that part of the city being made up mostly of office buildings and lawyers’ chambers). So it was a bit mysterious and a bit exploratory.

Cafe #6 (Movida Terraza) was closed (apparently for a few months), but, this being Melbourne, there was a cafe a few metres away (just under it, actually). So the sixth cafe we visited was instead the Bourke Street Cafenatics (as there are a few of them around the city and surrounding areas), where we tried a Bolivian blend of coffee and read Australian poetry magazines (how artsy!). Then to Hydra (cafe #7) in Church Lane (off Collins Street) and La Barrista (cafe #8) in Market Street, neither of which were particularly memorable.

Another cafe on my list (Art Deco Cafe) was shut, but undeterred, we managed to sniff out Little B (cafe #9), where we received a lovely chat with the barrista free with our coffee, before finishing up our cafe crawl (cafe #10, finally) at the now-less-full Brother Baba Budan (yes, those are chairs on the ceiling). At this point, we were both a bit jittery and could communicate with the dead (always a useful skill).

Here, have a clickable Google map of the cafe crawl. Little B, Switch Board, Settebello and Brother Baba Budan particularly recommended. Lack of detail regarding what the cafes were like intentional; you’ll just have to read my new blog when it comes out!


One response to “Day 333- July 20, 2010

  1. CHECK IT OUT! I’m still alive!

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