Day 336- July 23, 2010

The train was late. As usual. I mean, Melbourne’s train timetables are to be taken about as seriously as the Family First Party. However, this appeared to be news to an old woman with Aldi bags, a mad glint in her eyes and pants that look like they were fashioned out of offcuts from old couches (not cool/expensive/antique/retro old, just the kind that smell like mothballs and despair). She kept commenting on the tardiness of the train to a tall bloke in pinstripe pants, a tartan scarf and that deliberate look of aloofness that you seem to find on inner city barristas. She kept making comments and he kept trying to look into the distance (which he probably also did to make himself look pensive).

To the city and down the stairs to Platform 13, the semi-subterranean and somewhat eerie platform that is home to the Sandringham train (anthropomorphising¬†trains is a bit Thomas the Tank Engine, but I’ll roll with it). And joy of joys, the train was suddenly filled with schoolchildren. I had the pleasure of sharing my personal space with a bunch who kept discussing the merits of the new Iphone “OS”. I don’t want to be anywhere near people using the term “OS”, least of all when they are inconsiderate with their elbow positioning. Gah!

I got off the train (hooray!) at Windsor, the bohemian end of Chapel Street and met with Charlotte. We lunched in a cafe called The Tyranny of Distance (pictured), which looked like something from Fitzroy (poor thing; she was homesick for her old ‘hood). I had a cappuccino and a sausage and sauerkraut wrap and she had a dips platter and some wine served in a cup. It was all very nice (even if wine in a cup was a bit weird). At least it wasn’t as weird as the rather large fellow who was obviously “not quite there” that stood about two metres away from us and stared very obviously at her while we were saying goodbye and planning future activities. Or as weird as those automatic toilets that do everything by motion sensor and threaten to blast you with water if you take too long (there was one right next to the station).


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