Day 337- July 24, 2010

After work, I headed out to Charlotte and Logan’s place. Well, I went out and then came back, having realised halfway to the station that I’d left my wallet at home, and then went back out again. Braving the cold night with the help of a scarf and the outdoor gas heaters of the fancy Chapel St restaurants I passed, I finally managed to find the apartment building (having made a wrong turn at one point and ending up in some pretty dark backstreets).

We had a good night of cocktails and music and meeting new people. Well, most of the new people were good to meet: a friend of Logan’s from New Zealand and his and Charlotte’s neighbour. Some weren’t so great. Mainly (by which I mean exclusively) the chap that decided that dropping wine glasses off the sixth floor balcony and being altogether rude was a good idea. And who also thought it a good idea to pick a fight when asked to leave. With Logan’s friend. Who is a black belt. Not smart. Not smart at all.

Apart from that drama (which I completely missed due to talking to Jackie about something or other), the night was greatly enjoyable. Even if it was a tad cold.


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