Day 338- July 25, 2010

After some Vitamin Water and sunning ourselves on the balcony, we went down to Chapel Street for breakfast. I’d never eaten breakfast in a suit jacket before, but I only had the clothes I was wearing the night before. It wasn’t a bad thing. Neither was bacon and eggs. Yum.

I got home and went straight out again (well, after a shower) with my parents to Costco. I’d never been there before and wanted to check it out. After getting a park and a supersize shopping trolley, we shuffled like cattle into a lift the size of a small house and into the gargantuan warehouse. Feel like several hundred kilograms of flour? What about “meat by the case”? What about getting run over by hyperactive children riding aforementioned supersized shopping trolleys? You’ve found the place!

After stocking up on vast quantities of everything, standing in line while cashiers whizzed a thousand items past their scanners every minute and heading back into the car via the cattle lift, we went to the Docklands (pictured) in search of coffee. We ended up in a Middle Eastern place called Mecca Bah, where the delicious smells instantly turned ” just some coffee” into “coffee and could we please see the menu?”. Some spicy potato cakes, sausages and chicken pastries later, we headed back home (also, we had perishables in the car).


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