Day 339- July 26, 2010

Things I learned today:

1. Optus mobile broadband plans start at $20 a month for a 24 month contract, giving you one gigabyte of data to use between 7am and 11.59pm and two gigabytes to use between midnight and 6.59am

2. Packet risotto should never be made in the microwave despite what is written on the packet as this leads to dry risotto and a messy microwave

3. If you are an FBI agent attempting to catch a crazed trucker who uses kidnapping as a way to meet women (and then murder as a way of getting rid of them), put the trucker’s child on his CB frequency to guilt him into releasing his hostage (but then don’t forget to cover the child’s eyes when he shoots himself!).

4. ABC3, the station’s dedicated children’s channel, sure does show a lot of creepy stuff

5. Good News Week is very unfunny

6. If you have a daily blog in which you post a photo but have not taken any photographs because you wasted your time watching TV (see points 3 through to 5) and making horrible risotto, you can always play around with candle lighting and take photos of nothing in particular– well, actually it’s an empty pasta sauce bottle (pictured).


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