Day 340- July 27, 2010

Argh. Did not sleep well. Ended up falling asleep around half past four. As a consequence, I slept past noon. That has to do wonders for my sleep-wake cycle. Stupid suprachiasmatic nucleus! (Or whatever– I really did not remember that much of the sleep unit from last semester’s psychology subject as I was, ironically, sleeping for most of the time).

I went to Centrelink where I stood in line for quite a while only to be told that I wasn’t eligible for any payments (I am, however, apparently eligible for a card that gives me a discount on medicine and water bills… hurrah!). I returned home, where I ate pumpkin soup because I was hungry. This is a very good reason to eat things such as pumpkin soup and a good indication of how boring my day was. I mean, come on, the highlight was cooking up some chicken Mum was making for dinner. Stirring is very therapeutic. I think that it should be a recognised alternative medical treatment and that you should be able to claim Medicare on it. I’m not really sure what you’d need to claim on. The cost of the spoon and the pan and whatever you’re stirring?

Again, no photo. I didn’t really want to take my camera with me to Centrelink. Even if the guy with whom I spoke was wearing a shirt that I also have. I somehow don’t think that he’d appreciate being photographed for blogging purposes. So instead it’s another “something round the house” type photo. A photo of a photo, in fact. A photo of a photo on a bookshelf, to be more precise. A photo of a photo of Mum as a child with her cousins on a bookshelf, to take precision to its next level and simultaneously introduce an element of ambiguity (is the photo on the bookshelf or are the cousins on the bookshelf?).


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