Day 342- July 29, 2010

First day back at uni. Well, it was technically the second, but the way I figure it, one hour of lecture does make a day at uni. Not really. Five and half hours is more like it.

Firstly, cognitive psychology. I really really hope that it’s better than last semester’s biological psychology subject. That confused me, what with the ventral this and the contralesional that and the eleven ways in which psychoactive drugs can affect neural activity. Eugh. This seems to be better so far. I mean, we get to learn about artificial intelligence (they’ve taught a robot to respond to emotions). Then Russian, which was… Russian. It would seem I have to shell out another $100 or so to buy another textbook. Double eugh.

After buying some heavy and expensive textbooks in the bookshop (where I tried very hard not to buy books I didn’t need and was brusquely told by a security guard to put my bag in the bag room DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT WAS SMALLER THAN THE SIGN WHICH INDICATES THE DIMENSIONS ABOVE WHICH A BAG MUST BE PUT IN THE BAG ROOM). Sigh. Wandering to South Lawn, I spotted Josiah et al (“et al” is a phrase which means “Josiah’s friends” and also “the majority of Melbourne”) and had a good chat and a hot dog (from a nearby barbecue– obviously Josiah wasn’t giving them out!). He also struck an attractive and amusing pose with my mustache-themed lip balm (from Etsy!) for the blog (pictured).

Then in the evening, oh Joy of Joys, six back-to-back episodes of Big Bang Theory. I love that show!


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