Day 343- July 30, 2010

Gargh! (That’s like “argh” but with more emphasis or perhaps something stuck in one’s throat). Every semester, I am totally confused by which tutes start in the first week and which ones don’t. It’s all very confusing, especially since they don’t make it easy to find. So I showed up for my Terrorism tute and of course I was the only one there. Awkward. Or it would have been if somebody was there (it’s a bit “if a tree falls in a forest…”). I felt better when somebody came into my Russian tute (next period, same room) looking for his tute. They start next week, I told him.

Then after an hour of discussing vaudeville, revue, burlesque, operetta and the such in my Broadway tute (well an hour less the time I spent walking around the Conservatory looking for the room), I went to the gym where I did stuff that made my body hurt for an hour. Well, I spent an hour doing the things. My body still hurts. I guess that’s my own fault for being sedentary for over a month. Eugh.

Once home, I had toast, which was good. Toast is generally good but this was particularly good toast, which combined with environmental factors (such as it being a cold day), made the whole experience quite enjoyable. It even gave me strength to go out and photograph the drooping branches of our ornamental apricot tree swaying in the wind (pictured). I would have said “blowin’ in the wind”, but that would have been a bit hackneyed. Finally, dinner (speaking of food, as we were) was salmon that I pan-fried (getting lots of lovely splats of hot oil all over me) and ate with an Asian-y concoction of chili, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil (I LEFT OUT THE GINGER!). It was good.


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