Day 344- July 31, 2010

Work. Worky work. Much discussion of pronouns and Myki and then there was a period of approximately ten minutes of uncontrollable laughter after I inadvertently drew something resembling a cross-section of the act of copulation while attempting to explain to how organise brainstormed ideas into related categories. Sigh.

A decent drive home, despite it being International Drive At Least 10 Under Day (which is, I suppose, better than last Saturday’s International Let’s Dispense With Driving In A Straight Line Day). I arrived home to freshly made corn muffins and soup featuring corn as well as a myriad of other things, all of which were delicious. Or at least, of all which combined for a delicious result. It could well have been the Captain Planet of soup (because frankly, everybody knew that Heart was pretty stupid).

Television watching ensued and then I was hungry (as I am apt to be) and so mixed various things (banana, milk, oats, cocoa) in a pan and ate it. It wasn’t too bad, apart from when I got a chunk of badly mixed cocao and died of bitterness. And so forth, and so forth, and so forth. Today’s Photo is abstract. Deal with it.


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