Day 348- August 4, 2010

Hooray! I got a new phone. My old one had a habit of turning off and then occasionally on, which was great for starting up conversations with people who also had that phone (having something to whinge about together is a very good icebreaker). I then got a hand-me-down from my aunt, which included such great features as a 5 megapixel camera, MP3 player and buttons that don’t work approximately 90% of the time. Being most frustrated, I went to the university post office and bought a new phone for the grand sum of $80 (Dad: “Psssh I once got a phone for $30”).

A Second Good Thing that happened today was my participation in a research study investigating “negotiation” (yes, that vague). When I arrived at the required room (not the Room of Requirement), I was told that I had to pretend to be the ambassador for an imaginary nation called Anice, was given a Very Important briefing folder with CONFIDENTIAL this and CONFIDENTIAL that and had to negotiate all sorts of important things like weapons inspections and border deployment and anti-terrorism strategies. I felt a bit bad for intimidating the poor girl pretending to be the ambassador for Izeria with fast talking and constant eye contact, but I did what I had to do for my nation and completely won the negotiations (clearly negotiations are something that can be “won”), reaching an agreement that was even better than the “optimal solution” in my briefing folder.

It turned out the object of the study was to see how crisis events influence negotiations. The crisis event in question was the sudden death of the president of Izeria (oh no!). Hmm. Poor fellow. And he did so much good for the nation! But no point grieving– it was time for another Broadway lecture, in which the lecturer wrote and performed a song about how much of a hack Andrew Lloyd Webber was. What a legend. The lecturer that is.

Home, via a tram ride that took about twice as long as the walk would have taken (the tram stopped for no apparent reason– not even at an intersection!– for about 15 minutes), a train ride that also took a long time (stopping all stations? for real?) and to James’ place to use Meg’s Russian textbook, attempt homework with her, get some help from their grandmother, find said help entirely unhelpful and end up writing about my grandfather’s life in Iran (and, obviously, take a photo of their cat at some point). Then I came home and watched television and it was good.


One response to “Day 348- August 4, 2010

  1. Your cat photo looks more like a portrait. The cat actually looks thoughtful.

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