Day 349- August 5, 2010

In Psychology, we moved away from learning about robots learning to pull faces to monkeys learning how to ask each other for wrenches so that they could open boxes of bananas. Clever monkeys. The picture of the little chimpanzee in his little tshirt and his little short shorts was pretty funny. So were the monkey noises the lecturer made to demonstrate different types of alarm calls that chimps make to communicate with their group. So was the seductive tone she put on to somehow show how human speech makes use of indexical references as well as symbolic ones. Good lecture.

Afterwards, Alice and I headed down to Seven Seeds (via the South Lawn, where I took photos of seagulls being ridiculous). I had not been to Seven Seeds before (it’s a cafe) despite hearing very good things about it. I tried once and got lost. It turns out I was on the right street but merely needed to look right to see where it was. I swear that laneway wasn’t there the last time… Anyway, it was very nice and the coffee was good and so was the chocolate cupcake Alice and I split while talking about holidays in South East Asia, creepy old men (a closely related topic), photographic equipment and Detroit.

After Russian, another Terrorism lecture. The subject is coming along a lot better than I had expected given that psychoanalysis is discussed and we have to read Freud and Lacan. I guess it’s just all being explained better this time round and seems a lot less bullshitty. The fact that the lecturer is engaging and interacts with her audience helps a lot, too. It might even make up for the fact that I read some Freud today!

Home, food, Seinfeld. You know the drill. I’m still craving chocolate and dessert and snacks, but am doing reasonably well in my quest to cut down on those Delicious Yet Harmful things. Well, apart from the half a chocolate cupcake I ate. I deserved that for eating my apple.


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