Day 351- August 7, 2010

Not a terribly exciting day. So you’ll have to forgive me for writing this a day late. I mean, how interesting can a day be when its photo is of my pajama pants? (They are very good pajama pants).

I went to work, which consisted largely of discussing Melbourne’s share bike scheme and how to write letters to the editor on that topic. Then, I went to pick up Maxim and drive him to a sleepover in Parkdale, which for the 95% of people who don’t know where Parkdale is, is conveniently located on the opposite end of Melbourne from my house (well, I think that might technically be someplace like Werribee, but it’s close enough).

The first challenge was to pick Maxim up, as this required going through the city in such a cunning way as to not get stuck in traffic or have near collisions during hook turns (the last time I did a hook turn, some idiot driver almost caused a head-on collision and then had the gall to beep me!). Despite a wrong turn or two and being stuck AT A GREEN LIGHT due to inconsiderate people clogging up the intersection, I managed to pick up Maxim and then had a relatively uneventful (although aesthetically less-than-inspiring) drive along the Nepean Highway.

And then home for dinner, Grease, James Bond and… well, that would be pretty much it.


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