Day 352- August 8, 2010

Mmm sleep in. How marvellous. Coffee, followed by a breakfast of many pieces of toast. The bread was of the white, fluffy, inconsequential kind (if one may describe bread as inconsequential) that demands to be eaten in large quantities or it won’t fill you up. How selfish of it.

After doing some… well, nothing, I rugged up (including putting on my winter coat for the first time this year!) and went out to the city. After foolishly alighting at Parliament Station (you know, the one with the massive escalators- pictured) because I wasn’t patient enough to go through the Loop, I met up with Alex and went to Nandos, where he had the pleasure of waiting over 20 minutes for his burger. It didn’t help that the movie we were to see was just about to start, but the cinema was just across the street so it turned out quite alright. We also decided against stealing sauce bottles/cutlery/the wooden chickens that indicate table numbers as retribution and instead moved on with our lives.

The film we saw was The Invention of Doctor NakaMats, a quirky documentary on an eccentric Japanese inventor who claims to have invented the floppy disk, believes he will live to 144, has photographed and cataloged every meal he has eaten in the past 34 years and judges cameras on how good they smell. Quite a good laugh. Then, we parted ways and I walked to the train station, only to find that our pathetic excuse for a public transportation system only has trains running once an hour on Sunday nights.

Being bored of the station platform, I went instead towards the Yarra River for a walk and some photography. Some quite blurry photography. I really need a tripod. Eugh. And then, eventually, home.


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