Day 353- August 9, 2010

What a productive day! Well, productive by my standards. I can’t speak for the real world, but by my own reckoning, I deserve a sticker of at least the dinosaur variety (the dinosaur is above the elephant but not quite as good as the rocket ship). I did the washing, I vacuumed the house and even made dinner in the evening (meatballs again). I also ate an entire packet of Doritos and half a block of cooking chocolate, but I’m less proud of that.

I also did some reading for my Terrorism subject, which was quite painful. Unfortunately, the course is somewhat slanted towards a psychoanalytical approach and despite the fact that the lectures are quite engaging, the readings are both agonising and incomprehensible.  Difficult, I can tolerate. Boring is quite manageable. But when you read the same paragraph over and over again because the sentences don’t make any sense, the language is pompous academicese and you have absolutely no idea what the article is about, it gets a bit annoying. I mean, the one that made the most sense was a transcript of a speech by Bin Laden. I think that’s saying something.

But I got through it (well, with skipping bits) and unwound by making dinner. Rolling meatballs is always theraputic. And it wasn’t a bad day; the weather was quite nice. It’s good when you get to the part of the year where you can tell that the days are getting longer, when the sun sets noticeably later from week to week. And the winter sun is quite cheery. See photo.


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