Day 354- August 10, 2010

More reading! Luckily, this reading was quite a bit more comprehensible than yesterday’s. And I got to read about Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz, topics that are generally less disagreeable than psychoanalysis and Foucault.

It was good to be in from the weather, as although it was not horrible or rainy or anything like that, did look pretty cold. And the house is warm. And eugh at having to go out tomorrow. Kind of considering the Homer Simpson technique of qualifying for a work-from-home kind of thing by gaining a dangerous amount of weight. I think the amount of junk food I ate yesterday should assist in that effort.

Not that much to report. Ended up playing with the camera and light in the evening, took some weird shots using long exposure and a torch. I took this one by having the shutter open for 15 seconds and having Dad stand at one end of my room with the torch and shining it on me once I was at each of the three positions. Completely random, of course.


One response to “Day 354- August 10, 2010

  1. You remind me of an effigy, what with the clasped hands and all… very solemn and serious

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