Day 355- August 11, 2010

Got up nice and early today (or quite late, if I were a baker– it’s all about perspective!) and took the train into the city for my first day volunteering in a charity cafe called Kinfolk. I came across the cafe by reading reviews in the newspaper and decided to check it out. The cafe is located in Bourke Street, right across from Southern Cross Station, in Donkey Wheel House (pictured), a beautiful old building which houses many other charities.

All in all, it was pretty good fun. Everybody was friendly and helped me learn where things went and how things were done (I’m being terribly specific here, I know). I stacked and wiped dishes, took orders from customers, delivered said orders to tables, sang along with everyone else when Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs came on the playlist and, best of all, got free (and good!) coffee.

I then went into uni and briefly met up with Charlotte (who got in line nice and early to score us tickets to the Arts ball- hurrah!) and Jackie before heading off to my Broadway lecture with James, where we learned about the oft-overlooked pros of blackface, social developments of the Prohibition era and Mary Poppins.

Somehow managed to get home without being rained on in time for tutoring, which was followed by dinner and another good Wednesday night of television. I will be very disappointed when the election rolls round and I won’t be able to watch Gruen Nation or Yes We Canberra anymore. Sadface.


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