Day 356- August 12, 2010

No photo? No problem. Today’s options consisted of “Chicken Drumettes On Brown Rice”, “Things On My Bedroom Floor” and “Out-Of-Focus Photo Passed Off As ‘Abstract'”. I eschewed the photographic medium today and made one of those Obama-type pictures, but it still totally counts because I used a photo to make it.

Not that much to report. A generally bleak day when it came to the weather, which doesn’t make things that fun. I mean, it does when you’re having coffee in a cobblestoned laneway or on a tram, listening to music and pretending to be in a European movie like on SBS except there’s not as much softcore nudity in real life. Otherwise, it’s just a bit, well… bleak.

And then when the weather’s like that and you’re feeling a bit tired, you really are not in the mood for annoying things, which of course are drawn like metaphorical ironic magnets to you in that situation. Take, for example, a very common annoyance on public transport: the person situated anywhere between one and a dozen metres from you with earphones in their ears and their music somehow managing to be heard over said distance. This person is almost inevitably listening to terrible music (with the single exception of an incident about a year ago in which I was treated, instead, to The Who).

Secondly, I simply cannot understand why people insist on sitting in the seats closest to the aisle rather than just moving up one when they know you’re going to sit next to them. I mean, really. It’s not like they have a surfboard/harp/kendo stick/other bulky item which would require the use of an aisle seat. If they did, I would understand. BUT THEY DON’T. (Sadly, because a harp on a train would be quite a sight). Is it that they enjoy that awkward moment where I have to squeeze past their knees, trying very hard not to fall over or knock them out with my bag? Seriously.

And, finally, possibly one of the most annoying things in the world: annoying readings set by lecturers who I suspect are trying to push the limits of what we’ll actually attempt to read. Today’s treat (apart from an excerpt from Hobbes’ Leviathan which was printed in the original Ye Olde English with choice phrases such as “Civill Warre” and “spoyle and robbe” which caused me to read the entire thing in Bill Bailley’s voice and hence be distracted) was something about man-wolves and man-gods and god-men and god-wolves and wolf-men and wolf-gods and wolf-becoming-man and something like that. No, it wasn’t to do with Twilight and was in fact supposed to be related to terrorism. It was extra fun to read as it was translated from French and was riddled with wordplay which had to be explained by a combination of italicised word in square brackets and footnotes referring to things I’ve never read but apparently should have.

So, yes. Did not take any photos of any of that. But at least I finished reading, even if I’m not sure what I just read.


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