Day 358- August 14, 2010

Work. Worky work. Charlotte likes to think that that’s her phrase, but she’s horribly wrong. It is obviously mine. Also, she is from Queensland, so you cannot trust her.

So after seven hours teaching English, I headed down to the Peacock Hotel in Northcote for my cousin Anna’s birthday. The place was pretty nice and the chips were even better (possibly the best I’ve ever had!). After going home briefly for dinner, I went out again to Matt’s place for a party/gathering/soirée/wine-and-cheese-(and-scotch)-do.

I was a bit unsure about what to bring, not being confident in my choice of either wine or cheese. Also, bringing a packet of crackers would look a bit cheap and silly and would be worse than bringing nothing at all. Hence, I arrived with a large jar of pickles, as they go excellently with cheese. Pic related: it’s me holding a jar of pickles.


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