Day 359- August 15, 2010

Argh at being sick (still!). But hooray at getting to sleep in. It’s all very yin/yang. Except I’ve probably just massively and inappropriately simplified a complex and significant cultural concept. On the other hand, who cares.

By the time I woke up, had a cup of tea with honey (pictured) to soothe my throat, and helped Maxim with a psychology assignment, it was about 1pm, which is about as late as you can respectably put off showering and dressing without a note from your mother.

After watching Let The Right One In over Skype with Steph, I headed over to the Zaruckys’ place. Even though I only caught the last 20% or so of an afternoon of eating, I nonetheless managed to become incredibly full. Also, apparently I missed out on a session of recounting childhood stories. Next time, I guess.


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