Day 360- August 16, 2010

Woke up, didn’t really feel like getting out of bed. Damn cold. Still, I was productive. I managed to go over the lecture slides for a Psych lecture I missed last week and make a timeline of when all my assignments for the semester are due so that they don’t sneak up on me before deciding to get up for a shower and some food around 1pm.

Food was definitely a good idea, seeing as I was pretty hungry at the time. Roast lamb and potatoes, om nom nom. After Skypecasting Blue Velvet with Steph (she really should come back to Australia– it’s really hard to keep two movies synchronised when you’re watching different cuts), I meant to take a nap (being a-weary) but instead got up and did some Vaguely Useful Things which woke me up a bit and prevented me from falling asleep. How inconvenient.

Stoically, I soldiered on (crap, do I need to pay royalties for that phrase?) and even managed to play some 90s pop ballads on the piano before dinner. Also, Mum returned from the chemist with a bunch of things for me to swallow: the blue Strepsils that numb your mouth, vitamin C pills for me to overdose on and some particularly foul green mouthwash designed to get rid of sore throats (pictured).

And now I am watching Tony Abbott on Q&A. This should be interesting.


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