Day 363- August 19, 2010

So. Only three days left. It seems like only yesterday that I was starting this blog with a post about my gargantuan and structurally unsound birthday cake. Well, perhaps not “only yesterday”, but, a year? Really?

As for today, I woke up with a mystery earache, not enough sleep and a doctor’s appointment. Of course, when people say “doctor’s appointment”, they mean sitting in a room room for the better part of an hour watching Ellen followed by a brief chat to a doctor. I was told that I had a possible ruptured eardrum but that there was no way to know for certain as there was too much wax in the ear. Of course, the wax couldn’t be flushed out because of the possibility of me having a ruptured eardrum. So now I’m on antibiotics and apparently everything will be ok.

I returned home for lunch and some roasted nuts (pictured… how exciting!). And then the rest of the day consisted of, well, not very much at all. Very unproductive.

On the upside, all the organisation for getting tickets to the upcoming Arts Students Society Ball worked out. I was supposed to collect money from the people on our table who hadn’t paid yet and take it to the Arts Society office, but my absence¬†necessitated a change of plans. About a dozen text messages later, everything was worked out. Now to figure out what to wear…


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