Day 364- August 20, 2010

Being stuck in traffic is an inconvenience. It’s annoying. But unless you really have to go somewhere, like the toilet, it’s no more than that (especially if you have music playing in the car). On the other hand, being stuck in traffic with your destination in sight is a tad cruel. For example, the 12-storey Psych building which I could see for every painstakingly slow metre of the last half hour or so of the drive in. Standing there, taunting me with its ugly brick exterior. What a bitch.

Feeling better today than yesterday, and being faced with the spectre of having to catch up on five hours of tutes had I done otherwise, I opted to go to uni today. And I couldn’t be bothered with all this train nonsense. So I exchanged sitting on a stationary “express” train stuck between two stations for sitting in a stationary car on the Eastern Freeway during the last part of the morning peak. I’m glad I don’t have to commute like that. Not just yet, anyway.

And so I was late to class. Big whoop. So I missed out on some “discussion questions”. At least I came in time to participate in an activity modelled on that silly “Cmabrigde Emial”. All related to language. And then a Terrorism tute. And then Russian. And then Broadway. And then a fruitless hour or so in the music section of the Baillieu library attempting to find books for an assignment.

And then, as always, home. The drive back was just as slow. No matter. At least the evening was productive. Quite productive, considering I’m Sick (that is a blanket excuse for all sorts of misdeeds– for example Family First’s Wendy Francis’ “I’m not a homophobe… I’m just woozy from giving blood”). I finished my music thing. I read all of my Terrorism stuff. I did my Russian. And I bought a camera off Ebay.

Not too bad. Not too bad at all. As for the photo: what does it mean? What do you mean what does it mean? It is a photo of my dining room. I’ve been doing this blog for 364 days now and every day I have to find a photo of something that means something?

In all truth, I wanted to find something awesome, something brilliant for the penultimate blog post (yay, I got to use the word penultimate!), but sadly, life is not always awesome and brilliant. And sometimes the things that are awesome and brilliant cannot be photographed. And perhaps something awesome and/or brilliant did happen today. But I didn’t take a photo of it.

So, in lieu of that, and throwing this terribly passe concept we call “meaning” out the window, enjoy this photo of my dining room. And stay tuned for my last blog post tomorrow.


One response to “Day 364- August 20, 2010

  1. I’ve been there!

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