Day 365- August 21, 2010

And so this is it. Three hundred and sixty five days. Three hundred and sixty five blog posts and three hundred and sixty five “Photos of the Day” (a sizable amount of which were desperately taken at about 1am on the days that I had not taken any photos of the actual events of the day).

I started this blog a year ago as a way of motivating me to keep up my photography (even of the most mundane subjects!), as a way to practise writing and as a way of looking back on the year. Now that it’s finished, I’m kind of relieved: no more trying to write about days in which nothing happened, no more taking photos of ridiculous things and then trying to justify their relevance to the blog, no more getting home late and trying to write coherently. But it’s been good as well. I’ll have something that I can always look back on (well, until the zombie apocalypse rolls round and internet access becomes a bit more tricky).

And it’s been an interesting year. James and I started a long tradition of Enjoying Our Life (Day 25). I revisited the sites of some important childhood memories (Day 35). I “starred” in a (quite) short film (Day 75). I participated in Movember, giving up not-looking-like-a-pedophile for a month for charity (Day 102). I did photoshoots for a friend’s family (Day 112) and for an ARIA award-winning band (Day 161). I went to the Big Day Out (Day 158) and to the St Kilda Festival (Day 177). I participated in a rally protesting against liquor licensing laws affecting local live music (Day 186). I played piano for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar (Day 217). I participated in a vodka-based sleep experiment (Day 276). I dressed up like a European for Eurovision (Day 282). I revisited another childhood memory site and posed with creepy mannequins (Day 321). I went to a lecture by controversial photographer Bill Henson (Day 346). I voted legally for the first time (Day 350). And here we are at the last day.

And with this last post, I’d like to thank some people: Josiah for shamelessly promoting my blog and ensuring that throughout the course of the year I met people who knew all about my life even before we met; Sarah for reading every day and commenting and occasionally writing posts for me when I couldn’t be bothered; Mum for promoting my blog to people all over the world in her global Twitter empire. And of course, Vishnu (Steph thinks that he is somehow relevant).

Today’s photo is, of course, of my birthday cake, ready to take to my birthday dinner. This blog started with cake and ends with cake. How appropriate (I was tossing up between that and: “It ends, not with a bang, but with cake”).


5 responses to “Day 365- August 21, 2010

  1. Hi Sasha

    Happy 20th birthday!! You have THE most magnificent chocolate cake to celebrate with – the Smarties are the perfect topping!

    I have loved reading your blog – your photographer’s eye is inspiring; I have enjoyed vicariously experiencing Uni life and want to thank you for revealing great places for me to check out for coffee in Melbourne.

    Enjoy your birthday celebrations and good luck as you embark on the next chapter in your journey…

    Kim 🙂


    I seriously hope you keep this blog going even though it’s supposed to finish. Because I love reading it and keeping track of your every move and frankly, the idea of no longer being able to do that sucks. So, I would like to start a petition for you to keep writing and I mean, lets be honest, my signature is the only one that matters so KEEP WRITING DAMNIT.

  3. Well done, Sash, an epic feat. And now you can come back to this time capsule to recreate memories which will be particularly good further down the track when you can say, ‘Oh yeah, I remember that…’ The daily posts capture things you’ve done and thought, and sometimes spark memories of the unwritten stories behind the scenes. So, Sasha Sheko, this is your life!

  4. Both final lines are good. And I thankyou for the thanks.
    Kudos on an enjoyable daily read!

  5. Sashaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    how else am i supposed to stalk you and/or sarah when she is in melbourne???
    if you dont keep writing this one, at least start another one the same? pleeeeeease????????
    anyways, thanks for a year of exellent stalking material, i will miss it (and you)
    ps for that month of looking like a pedofile, did you have candy and phsycological problems? 🙂

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