About Me

I was born on the 22nd of August, 1990. This blog is a chronicle of my final year of being a teenager, being nineteen, but at the time of writing, I am still eighteen.

I hail from, or rather, live in, Melbourne, Australia. To say that I am not the kind of person to stand out in a crowd would be fallacious, because I am 6 feet 3 inchs tall. Superficial physical qualities aside, I play the piano, complete psychological surveys for cash and justify my behaviour by inventing scenarios in which my actions set off a chain of events which lead to the development of the cure for cancer.

I am studying Psychology and Political Studies (or Political Science, or International Relations, or whatever it is they’ve chosen to call the faculty this year), so naturally I say things like “ahh… but what does it represent?” and think I know about ten times more than I actually do. Why, just the other week I came up with a solution to the global financial crisis. It involved deliberate hyperinflation and the government distributing wheelbarrows to the masses.

Finally, some (perhaps) more useful information about me, in case you ever have to write a primary school essay about your hero. My favourite colour is green. I like to listen to The Beatles, Radiohead, David Bowie and The New Pornographers (amongst many others). I speak Russian, but very poorly. I like movies, particularly Children of Men, Lost Highway and, more recently, Synecdoche, New York. I like seeing bands, particularly if nobody has ever heard of them. I have a cuckoo clock on my desk. A policeman once refused to arrest me. I have a burning giraffe in my room. I once fell asleep at a murder trial.

That’s pretty much it.


4 responses to “About Me

  1. What? No mention of me?
    Ouch, Sasha, ouch.

  2. Aww, poor you. I’m sure you’ll feature in the blog at some point.

  3. a burning giraffe? i will asume it is a giraffe-shaped candle, and hope that makes the horrible mental images of giraffes on fire go away…

  4. Hi , just wondering if you’d be willing to make a photo or two available from the flickr Slam rally batch. I’ve written an editorial for AudioTechnology magazine encouraging our readers to keep involved and my friend who was with me on the day has had a major tech mishap with his camera. I’m sorry but I’m not sure if there is any budget available. We are wrapping the issue tomorrow (Wednesday) so if you’d be willing please get in touch and send a couple of hi rez shots through. Obviously your shots are really nice.

    sorry for the imposition I just thought I’d have a last minute crack as it would be great to really communicate the day to people.

    cheers and great shots!


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