The Book Thief Soundtrack

This is a collection of music I recorded as a “soundtrack” to The Book Thief. I’m entering this into the insideadog’s “Creative Reading Prize” competition to hopefully win at least a tshirt. It’s incomplete (at time of writing), but as soon as I record the tracks, I’ll upload them here. Just like a soundtrack to a film, the tracks here “correspond” to certain aspects or events in the story. All of the track names have been taken from the book, using Zusak’s own language. The tracks consist of piano music (me playing obviously) and recorded spoken word quotes from the book. Special thanks to Sarah Carles for helping me find all the quotes.

1. Prologue

2. In The Third Carriage

3. Audacious Little Bastard

4. Burning Words

5. Ilsa Hermann

6. The Book Thief

7. Prost, Mädel

8. Dear Liesel

9. A Catalogue of Colours

10. The Last Human Stranger

11. Another Human Pendulum

12. The Jewish Fist-Fighter

13. All Too Late/Shaking The Dead

14. The Book Thief (Reprise)

15. Haunted By Humans


5 responses to “The Book Thief Soundtrack

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  3. Naw, you get a prize! 🙂 what is it? a t-shirt?

  4. Haha yeah I got an insideadog tshirt (like yours!), one of the Inkys books (Broken Glass by Adrian Stirling) and a carry bag thing. Plus a tour of the library 😀

  5. I want you to finish this! Please.

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