Day 341- July 28, 2010

Slept better last night. Hooray! After making a packed lunch for the first time in a while and trying to fit everything into my bag (gym stuff, lunch, camera, wallet, water bottle, notepad, book– I succeeded by some Herculean effort), I headed off to the gym (where my efforts, or at least their outcomes, were far less Herculean). You have to start somewhere after a month of inactivity, overeating and being sick most of the time.

Two very noisy trams later, I arrived at Kinfolk, a non-profit cafe near the intersection of Bourke and Spencer. I’d read about in The Age and thought it might be a good idea to volunteer there. It was pretty awesome, especially for that wasteland of monstrous office buildings that lies west of Queen St. All the chairs were funky and mismatched, there were lots of books on ladders-turned-bookshelf, the menu looked pretty good and it was just generally, well, awesome. I’ll be volunteering there Wednesday mornings from now on, so that should be pretty fun.

Forgetting that not all Elizabeth St trams go up past the uni (usually catching Swanston St trams, which all do), I was treated a bit of a walk through what city planning brochures like to call Melbourne’s “biomedical precinct”. I think they just like the term “precinct’. Arts precinct, business precinct, legal precinct… No idea why. It’s a bugger to type for some reason; your fingers get all jammed up. Or more precisely, my fingers get all jammed up. Perhaps it’s just me… But I digress. After said walk between the Royal Women’s Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and what will soon be some other hospital (for cancer patients, apparently), I found my way to my first lecture for the semester– my breadth subject, Broadway.

It’s not too bad as far as subjects go, although I do get the feeling that having showtunes stuck in my head will get to be quite annoying. Today’s lecture was an introduction to Broadway, delivered mostly through the format of a documentary starring Julie Andrews. Also, our lecture is in Melba Hall, which is a pretty nice place in which to have a lecture. Much better than the Public Lecture Theatre, which is specifically designed to put people to sleep through dim lighting and is about twice as effective as rohypnol.

After some tutoring and dinner, I felt like a snack. A healthy snack to be precise. So I found (on the Internet, of course) this interesting recipe for apple couscous. By recipe, I mean that you have to soak couscous in orange juice and then mix in grated apple and cinnamon. It’s very Masterchef.


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